Archive for The Rainbow Connection TheRainbowConnection.Net is a community that tries to maintain balance and support needs in the GLBT community, along with building trust, strong friendships and relationships that last, and offering a safe haven without judgment.

Board Rules
Board Rules
Board Rules.
Tech Questions & Board Issues
Questions about the forum, signatures, avatar, registering, lost password, can't login, guest, etc. here is the place for that.
About Us
Read here about our forum, what is going on, about how to navigate through the forum and our features. Also there might be some surprises here from time to time, so please check here. :)
Post here if you wanna test out a sig, an avie or anything of the sorts.
Resources Forum
A place for resources. General, anything of relevance or anything that is deemed as beneficial. Appreciate any additions. :) Thanks.
Welcome Seat N The Chill Zone
RC Introduction
Introduce yourself and all other sorts go here.
The Spot
Wanna just chat or share about your day? Post here. Feel free to share a lil bit more about yourself here when you feel comfortable. :)
Speckles of Color N Goofing Off
Have fun. :)
No Sunshine
Having a bad day? Then post here.
Work N Educational Status
Feel free to talk about work and school here, to share, to vent or just rant, ask for advice maybe. :)
Chat N Chatter
What It's In The News?
Celebrity gossip and anything relative to what is in the news and going on in the world today.
Entertainment N Arts
Post here about the arts and entertainment community. GLBT or not.
Share what you are writing, have written, working on here.
Please share your poetry here, either what you have written or someone's that you enjoy or appreciate.
Journaling - Private
Access will be given upon request.
Art & Pics
Feel to share artwork or even funny comical pictures. Or something you made. :)
FaLLeN RaiNbow Support: Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes.
Living In The Straight World
Get support after the daily grind of being in our straight world.
GQC Spot
RC's Dedication To >>>
Photobucket I wanna make this spot for open view to say thank you to our members, ghostchild first and foremost for helping me so much with starting a forum for the transgendered community, for our friend Jennyj who has been there supporting us! For Rebis, been there and given support and listened and cared, thank you. Cathyhope for being there and being her beautiful self. This goes to all and those not mentioned, thank you for helping pave the way to our community and making yourselves vulnerable to us so that we can learn about your life and struggles!
GQC Hangout
General Hangout for our Transgendered community. Where you can share, be yourself, and face non judgment.
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